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If you want to immerse yourself in culture

Italy is certainly the place for you. Skip the queue on buses and trains and explore this fantastic place by car.

We have a range of vehicles on offer from sleek solo rides to large vehicles for the whole family.

Plan your route before you go to make sure you pack as many sites into your trip as possible.

Did you know? Italy’s last king ruled for less than 40 days.

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Book your car rental with Veetoo with complete confidence that your information is secure. We are flexible with bookings and cancellation to ensure the process is as convenient as possible. Browse our huge range of locations and cars online at the click of a button.

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Choose from a huge variety of destinations which you can explore at your convenience with no waiting around for trains and buses. Veetoo Cars offers a range of vehicles to suit you from sleek solo convertibles to comfortable four-by-fours for families.

If you want to fit in some sun, sea and sand

Italy has a variety of beautiful beaches to enjoy. The Amalfi Coast is a popular location for tourists, boasting beautiful views, perfect for a photo opt.

The Mediterranean climate makes it a lovely day out in the summer.

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Certainly pack your appetite for a trip to Italy

As well as your typical pizza and pasta dishes, the country is well known for its gorgeous risotto and Fiorentina Steak.

You have a chance to test flavours which are second to none and immerse yourself in the finest cuisine.

Of course, if you are in Italy you have the chance to enjoy some of the finest wines with your meal.

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Whilst travelling in Italy

You will be on the right side of the road. If you aren’t used to this, we would recommend leaving plenty of travel time so you can familiarise yourself with the new way of driving.

Why not brush up on some local road laws as they can differ between countries. During the summer months, Italy can get quite warm.

If you want to save some money, we would recommend travelling during the cooler period, where it will also be less busy.

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