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Bristol is an excellent city with plenty to do

It’s prime location means that you could travel to both Wales and different cities in England from the airport, so the perfect starter to a road trip. With over 400 gardens and parks, Bristol lends itself well to lovers of walks and the outdoors. The airport itself has plenty of shops and food destinations so you can stay comfortable during your travels. 

Did you know? The iconic pirate, Blackbeard, was thought to be from Bristol.

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The hit UK TV show Skins was filmed in Bristol

Many of the recognisable locations that were included in filming, such as parks, houses and restaurants can be found around the city. Many tourists love to visit these iconic locations which they have seen in the show. 

If you are traveling with family, a trip to Bristol Zoo is a must. The fifth oldest zoo in the word, they originally opened in 1863 and have helped to save 175 species from extinction. From gorillas, red pandas and meerkats to an aquarium, there is so much to learn and explore at this attraction. You can even get up close and personal with your favourite animals with experience days, where you directly contribute to conservation projects.

Mike from Liverpool

Becky from Surrey

Barry from Portsmouth

Hugh from Birmingham

Hannah from Leeds

Everyone is familiar with the iconic, yet anonymous, street artist

Banksy, who has been shocking the world with their thought provoking graffiti.

You can delve deeper into the life of Banksy with a walking tour around their birth town, Bristol. There are plenty of self-led walking tours available online which allow you to see some of the Bristol works of Banksy. A really interesting experience which you can experience at your own pace.

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Like the rest of the UK Bristol

Drivers will be travelling on the left side of the road. There are plenty of shops and restaurants in this city and the currency is pounds sterling.

Most UK drivers use a manual vehicle, so if you need an automatic, ensure you double check upon booking to confirm you are getting the correct transmission type.

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