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London is the capital city of the UK

It is recognised all over the world for its culture and iconic attractions. This is a remarkably busy city with plenty to do, but there are also some quieter, tranquil spots to be found away from the hustle and bustle.

Did you know? The iconic London Underground transports up to 5 million people a day. If you’re visiting London, a trip to the London Dungeons is a must. Here you can learn about some of the darkest stories and pieces of history in a completely thrilling way. From Guy Fawkes Gunpowder plot to Sweeney Todd, the dungeons are an exhilarating day out for the whole family. The sets are interactive and come with live actors and special effects for a completely immersive experience. There are plenty of photo opportunities at the dungeons so you can share your spooky adventures! 

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Veetoo are the largest online car rental service, offering an incredible variety of locations across the globe from sunny beaches to snowy mountains. Make the most of your holiday by travelling with a rental car which is cost-effective, safe and convenient.

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Book your car rental with Veetoo with complete confidence that your information is secure. We are flexible with bookings and cancellation to ensure the process is as convenient as possible. Browse our huge range of locations and cars online at the click of a button.

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Choose from a huge variety of destinations which you can explore at your convenience with no waiting around for trains and buses. Veetoo Cars offers a range of vehicles to suit you from sleek solo convertibles to comfortable four-by-fours for families.

If you love a song and dance, London is an iconic city for its West End Musicals

Depending on the time you visit, there will be a range of different shows you can see. Allow yourself to enter another world for a few hours as you enjoy some of the best performances in the world. The perfect family evening out or even solo if you are travelling alone. A musical in London is an experience you won’t want to miss!

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For big fans of the wizarding world, London is the place to go

Discover everything you could want to know and more about these iconic films in The Making of Harry Potter. Experience the behind the scenes of all 7 films including sets, costumes, props and SFX which can be seen in this magical series. It truly is a fantastic day out for all Potter fans with so much to see and interact with. Make sure you stop by the gift shop on your way out to grab a souvenir from this enchanting experience. 

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Like the rest of the UK, the capital city drive on the left side of the road

London is a busy place, so we would recommend leaving plenty of time for your travel if you are not used to this way of driving. Whilst shopping in London, you will be using Pound Sterling as your currency. UK drivers typically use manual cars, so if you are looking for an automatic, we would recommend double checking upon booking so you can get your preference.

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